Terms of use





ARTICLE 1 - Purpose and structure of the service

  1. The Bike Sharing service is a service operated by the Municipality of Glyfada. The management of the service made by BRAINBOX INFORMATICS S.A.. The service allows access to bicycles for public use with automated way. The network consists of stations which include bicycles for renting, parked in appropriate parking bases and service points for citizens. 

  2. Contact Information with the operators and management
  Municipality of Glyfada Brainbox Informatics S.A.
Address: Alsous 15. P.C. 16675 Thermaikou 2-4
Telephone: (+30) 213 2025200 (+30) 210 3004441
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://www.glyfada.gr www.brainbox.gr


ARTICLE 2 - Access το the service

  • Subscription card is strictly personal and allow the customer the rent, use, and return of a bike. The identification number is required in the information provided by the client.
  • The operation of the service only allow people over the age of 18, who know how to use a bicycle.
  • For younger users, legally responsible is the owner of subscription or the code, who is bound by these terms and to which is assigned any responsibility for any loss caused directly or indirectly by the younger user who made ​​use of the service.


ARTICLE 3 - Availability of service

  • The annual subscription is valid during one year starting of the date of issuing the subscription card.
  • In case of litigation for the duration of cycling by the client, the only reliable data are considered the data provided by the information system service.
  • The service is available during the entire year, throughout the week. Exceptions are cases for maintenance reasons, reasons of force majeure, or decision of the authorities for total or partial, temporary or indefinite ban of bicycle traffic.


ARTICLE 4 – Obligations of Parties

  1. Obligations of Municipality of Glyfada:
    1. Municipality of Glyfada is committed to provide services EasyBike as described by the present terms.
    2. Municipality of Glyfada is committed to use its best efforts to ensure the continuity and quality of the service.
    3. Municipality of Glyfada has no responsibility :
      • in case of misuse of the services offered by the client
      • in case of non-compliance by the client, its obligations as provided
      • in case of using the service by an unauthorized person (especially in case of theft or abduction of the credit card)
      • in case of failures, saturations, malfunctions or suspension of the system due to interruption of communications in mobile networks, public telephony, GSM, GPRS, SMS, or any new generation networks developed by your mobile provider
      • in case of force majeure
  2. Obligations of the user:
    1. The user is committed to use the bike with increased caution. He is committed to compliance with safety and traffic rules.
    2. The user has to check the bike before the rental is started. More specifically, it is required to verify the correct operation of the drive system, the tires, the brakes, the lighting and more generally any means necessary for the safe use of bicycles. In case of malfunction of the bike, if the user return the bike within six minutes, he will not be charged for that. Then it must notify Technopolis at the number (+30) 210 400331.
    3. The customer is also committed to use the bicycle in the area of the city of Athens, with respect to these terms.
    4. The customer of the bicycle that he leased, this must be protected to avoid theft and committed to consistently lock anti-theft system of the bike when stopping use.
    5. The customer is committed to the proper use of the bicycle and its protection. The customer accepts full responsibility for any injury or damage caused to the bicycle or other during the rental.
    6. The customer is committed to return the bike at the predefined periods of the operating system. In case of no return of the rental stock, the Municipality of Glyfada reserves the right to charge the customer the amount of 400 €. In case of destruction of all or parts of the rental material, the amount of damage caused by the company is evaluated, charged and billed in addition to the customer under the terms and procedures of Article 9.
    7. The customer is committed to return the bike at any time, if misuse of the terms of use of the system is observed, on demand by the Municipality of Glyfada, made ​​by phone or by mail / courier.
    8. The client is committed to report any loss, theft or other problem or incident associated with the rented bike Municipality of Glyfada. The labeling should be done directly within the next 12 hours of the incident on the following telephone number: (+30) 210 3004441. However, until the bike is picked up by Technopolis, the bike remains in the responsibility of the customer in accordance with the terms of the paragraph 5 and 7.


ARTICLE 5 - Restrictions on the use of service

  • The loan, rent or grant password or subscription card to another person is prohibited except as provided by these rules of use.
  • The client that loses the passwords of the daily or weekly service, loses the right to rent and he needs to take new passwords and pay the corresponding cost.
  • The subscription card that is lost or destroyed under the responsibility of the customer, will not be replaced. The customer needs to pay the amount of 5 € to the company ThessBike to take a new card.
  • The customer is authorized to use the bike under these terms with reasonable use, which excludes mostly: any use outside the predetermined area, any use contrary to the provisions of road traffic safety rules or any use in physical conditions that destroy the bike, moving any load over 15 kg (including the area of the basket), each of a passenger in any way, any use that might endanger the client or third parties, any disassembly or attempted disassembly of all or by bicycle and generally any unorthodox cycling.


ARTICLE 6 -  Responsibilities and customer statements

  • The customer is the only one and entirely responsible for the damage caused at the bicycle or use made ​​throughout the duration of the lease of the bike.
  • Any delay of more than 24 hours in the delivery of the bike (the period runs from the time of rental of the bicycle from the hire station) is considered as a case of disappearance of the bike.
  • In case of a disappearance of a bicycle for which the customer is responsible, he is responsible, specified in paragraph 5, to indicate the disappearance of the bicycle that remains under his full responsibility.
  • In case of accident and / or injuries and / or damage and / or any incident which happened because of the bike, the customer is obliged, which is be specified in Article 5, to identify events within the indicated time and the mentioned telephone number. Nevertheless, the bike remains under the responsibility of the customer to lock in a spot delivery, or by delivery in appropriate hands dealer repair company Technopolis.
  • By taking responsibility of a bicycle from a client, the latter undertakes to check in advance the effective operation of the bike, especially with verification of the main functional elements, which are not limited to: the proper positioning of the seat and the pedals, the good state of chassis and tires, the proper functioning of the bell, the proper functioning of brakes and lighting.
  • After the certification of data from the station, the customer has 6 minutes after receiving the bike to confirm the general good condition of the bike. After this time the client is considered responsible for the observed failures or disasters.
  • It is recommended to the client to show special attention to the brakes in case of rain, to make adjusting the saddle, to adjust the height of the morphology of the body, to wear an approved helmet and special clothing.
  • The customer declares that he is fully aware of the potential risks associated with the intensive cycling. Further the client declares that all information entered into the system is accurate, it is able to use and has the physical conditions related to the use of a bicycle, and particularly to meet the necessary requirements of Articles 2 and 7 above.
  • The client is committed to warn immediately the Municipality of Glyfada for all the changes to data such as address, information about the account for charging the credit card, pricing profile.
  • The customer can not turn against the Municipality of Glyfada for each case which is requiring suspension, interruption or impairment of service.


ARTICLE 7 - Municipality of Glyfada rights

  • Municipality of Glyfada reserves the right to refuse access to the service for anyone who does not meet these terms without providing another justification.
  • According to the provisions of Articles 5, 6 and 7 are excluded entirely the responsibility of the Municipality of Glyfada associated with the use that might be made ​​by the client on a bicycle, or damage that could cause the client to himself or to third parties by the use of a bicycle.


ARTICLE 8 - Confidentiality of data

Municipality of Glyfada is committed to compliance with the regulation with regard to confidentiality, management and storage of your personal and confidential data. According to the same law, the customer has the right to access and rectify information concerning him, by writing to the following address: Municipality of Glyfada, Alsous 15, 16675, Glyfada, Athens labeled "System Communal Bicycle Municipality of Glyfada".


ARTICLE 9 - Regulation of Conflicts

The client can make a complaint within three months from the date on which the facts complained of. These terms are subject to Greek law. Any disagreement in the implementation, operation and interpretation of the terms to be settled in the courts of Athens .

Each complaint will be sent to the following address: Municipality of Glyfada, Athens labeled "Termination for System Communal Bicycle Municipality of Glyfada».


ARTICLE 10 - Modifications of present terms

Customers of the service will be informed of any modifications of these terms on the website Municipality of Glyfada.


ARTICLE 11 - Charging Policy of Municipality of Glyfada System

The charges for access the system are:


Cost of card 0 €
Annual subscription 0 € 
Use the first half hour  Free of charge
Use the next half-hour  Free of charge 

Occasional users:

Charge card acquiring of 7 days of use 3 €
Use the first half hour  Free of charge
Use the next half-hour  Free of charge

Hotel Facilities and Other City Stores:

Cost of card 0 €
Annual subscription 0 €
Charge of acquiring of 24 hours of use from customers 1 €
Charge of acquiring of 3 days of use from customers 2 €
Charge of acquiring of 7 days of use from customers 3 €